A Digression

The sun shines so brightly, but the days are so dark. My dreams are nearly good enough to keep me from waking up. When I do, I’m struck by grief and a disappointing realization that I had been asleep. Sometimes when I close my eyes I see nothing. This occasional occurrence creates reluctant submission, a weak incentive to once again join the waking world. Some strange force tugs the ropes that pull apart the delicate curtains, exposing moist glass orbs to the bleak light pouring in. The electromagnetic ocean before me swells and unforeseen debris washes up upon the expansive shoreline of my perception. When I was very young, I would put worms in my pockets and forget about them until the evening, just before removing my clothes to take a bath. Now, earthworms have become lighters from strangers and baths have become showers. I wake up in the morning and go to sleep in the morning. I seem to be stuck in perpetual mourning. Every new perspective gained diminishes the credibility of all existing perspectives in increments accordingly. Is absolute wisdom the realization that no perspective matters, or that all perspectives matter? I have certainly found some to be illogical, so they certainly cannot all be equal. Does equality apply here? Can values even be assigned to perspectives? If a perspective is clearly incorrect, e.g. “a is b,” should it be ruled out of the equation? Should it be assigned the value of 0? Is there a difference?

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