Hydrogen Bomb

The metal skyline torn to bits in one hairline fracture of a fickly flickering second. A flash I saw my finger bones through the skin on my hands as I covered my eyes a soundwave I think I went deaf an earthquake concrete collapsing around me blackness.
White glowing wisps tens of thousands maybe more arise from the gray rubble with me drifting upward. Floating above the wreckage nothing familiar. No trees no buildings.
No feelings.
Just onward to rejoin the One.
The line went long outside the gate. Went right around the corner and up the hill.
Somehow we all knew each other like we were the same.
Once fragments.
And we could recall everything between us.
Corruption fame sex bomb nation wealth win it all. Win a ticket to Willy Wonka’s whorehouse  welcome to the freakshow.
Failing faculty sandy beaches naked women. Will I abstain? Reclined in a folding chair wrapped in a b;anket riddled w/ fang toad vermiculite. From Walmart Magazine XXX H USA Money DING DING D1NG.
Our sister school.
Very selective. No chance. If you wanna dance the can-can you can join your sisters and eat a canary topless on the quad in the snow. Go take a dive into the shit you think you know
cuz you don’t.
The battlefield came home today. A prayerless thoughtless trophy fuck buck rack above the cherry mantle. Bottom shelf blues once more blacked out on Banker’s.
Joyride round the cul de sac.
Next morning mud track. Disgruntled neighbor moaning whilst mowing and I never liked lawn much so I replaced mine with gravel after moving into this joint out here under this big sky we share and it may not look it but it’s the same sky everywhere.

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