I shouldn’t be writing this because I’m here in the library trying to focus on writing my final paper, but I just got back from the restroom, where, while pissing into the urinal, I looked up at the ceiling as I usually do when pissing into a urinal, and saw a dark entity directly above me, similar in size and shape to a silverfish. I blew at it with a forceful puff so that my wind would reach it and, hopefully, cause it to skitter away, but it didn’t move, so I tried this again with the same result. All this time, though, I had the faint awareness that this silverfish was not a silverfish, but in fact, a hole punctured into the ceiling tile. I knew this because I had tried blowing it away many times yet, for I come to this urinal rather frequently and always gaze up at this non-silverfish hole, but something in me wants it to be a silverfish, wants it to scurry off to the corner where the two walls and ceiling meet. Maybe one day a silverfish will crawl out of that gash in the ceiling.

I just got back to my apartment from the library and noticed that my fly has been down this whole time.

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