The Altered Man’s Journal, Pt. 2

I had tiptoed into the dark kitchen and in the smooth, creamy stove light, I looked down at the floorboards and the wood grains all screamed at me, wide mouths stretching, being pulled apart with their black souls spilling out and I’m a little whacked on ‘cid.

Earlier in the car, I was in the backseat and I was having a little trouble getting my words out right and I thought of something funny to myself. Something like if I were to try to say something and it came out like, “Don’t mind my.” Well, thinking this nonsense to myself made me giggle in the backseat and (    ) turned to look at me and he said, “What’s so funny?” So I looked at him and I said, “Don’t mind my,” and he began to laugh. Well, I knew it was funny in the first place because I saw all this coming beforehand.

Now that I’m upstairs and the floorboards are hush quiet I can hear my selves think. Some of them are too loud though and feed back through my ears and make me think I’m hearing things. Thing is, sometimes I ignore some of the stuff that I really am hearing, just because I tell myself IT’S JUST ANOTHER GODDAMNED HALLUCINATION. Godforsaken is more like it.

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