Weakened Warrior

Blast! Curse this common cold I must’ve brought back from Vermont, after swimming in Lake Champlain’s icy waters on a not-so-warm evening. The coke that night was decent*, but it had me up until sunrise. On top of that, I hadn’t showered after my lake-dip. Cold water, cool breeze, no shower, no sleep, decent coke: perfect recipe for a weakened immune system.

I wish I hadn’t taken that acetaminophen yesterday. I feel its effects on my liver still, and now I have to wait at least three more days until I can once again imbibe. Gotta watch out for my dear friend, the liver. Did you know that it is thought that acetaminophen-alcohol syndrome is the leading cause of liver disease in the U.S.? Over fifty percent of people who consumed both substances within a short timeframe of each other reported kidney disease. That’s something they oughtta teach in high school P.E., but instead we get to hear mostly about the brain-melting, flesh-eating effects of smoking the pot. Like fuck, how many drinkers out there do you think are completely unaware of just how easily he/she can permanently fuck his/her liver by taking a Tylenol here and there to ease a few hangovers? This shit is no joke, people.


*Extremely rare occurrences – both my using coke, and its being decent. The stuff’s a waste of money if you ask me. I was once told that the best part about doing cocaine is doing more cocaine. I couldn’t agree more.

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